Daily Enrichment Sessions

Enrichment programs aid a child’s development outside of the classroom and enriches their life for cognitive growth, diversify skills, foster social interaction, build confidence, and provide individualized learning. These programs offer life skills, cultural awareness, and preparation for future challenges while nurturing talents and promoting holistic development. Ultimately, enrichment programs instill motivation, engagement, and a broader perspective, contributing to a child’s well-rounded growth.

Every child takes part in our daily enrichment sessions once a week. These classes are led by expert instructors who have expertise in their respective domains. Each instructor has been handpicked, researched and selected for our school.

Parents will receive an enrichment schedule detailing the specific classes their children are engaged in.

Montessori Children’s House 



STEM offers numerous benefits by introducing young children to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics concepts in an integrated and engaging manner. This early exposure lays a foundation for future learning and development. Every week, children will engage in experiences using STEM.


Musical education enriches young minds and supports holistic growth in many aspects. Children will enage with a music therapist weekly. Each child will benefit developmentally all while sharing the joy of music together.


A second language expands cultural awareness and promotes open- mindedness. It lays a foundation for effective communication and can lead to greater opportunities in an increasingly globalized world. The instructor will integrate with our curriculum while conducting lessons in the Spanish language.


Children will explore the visual arts and experiment with many different art materials. Each child will have their own mini apron labeled with their name that will allow them to get messy with paint, clay, and so much more all while looking like little artist's.


A child will connect with nature, and encourages healthy habits by planting and caring for our school's garden. Gardening fosters curiosity, teaches responsibility, and cultivates a sense of accomplishment as they witness the growth and care of plants.


Each week, children will have a fun introduction to sports. Every class features a warm up, a new sport or activity, free play, cool down and an age appropriate anatomy and a physiology lesson.






Piano/ Guitar

Sensory with the Speech

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