Montessori Children’s House



15 months-2 years old

During this stage of development, children are natural explorers, eager to understand the world surrounding them. They absorb knowledge from every interaction they have with their surroundings and the materials provided to them. Our primary objective within this group is to offer them a diverse range of experiences and textures, igniting their innate curiosity and encouraging them to explore cause-and-effect relationships with ongoing exposure to language and vocabulary.


3 years old- 5 years old

In the Montessori Preschool Program, children develop crucial skills such as independence, concentration, and a love for learning, fostering their intelligence and higher-level cognitive processes. Between the ages of three and five, preschoolers experience sensitive periods for various areas of development, including language, order, grace and courtesy, the senses, writing, small objects, music, reading, spatial relationships,
and mathematics.

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